Online videoconferences. ¿technological standard?

There is a rule on Strategic Management that says: “advances in technological innovation are followed by advances on strategic innovation”. If we put it into practice within the field of online teleconferencing, we can see that there is already a mature technology for 2D real-time conference. That technology was democratized by Skype in a exemplary way during the last years.

Today’s big fishes: Google, Facebook and Microsoft have been fighting because of Skype and for the greater glory of his co-founders. Microsoft finally acquired it at a much higher price than its real market price, about 20 times over its operating profit (Last year, It has negative net profit). It was a resolved move in order to integrate skype with other Microsoft’s products: Xbox, Kinect or Windows Phones.

Fotografía (CC) Por: ssoosay
Picture (CC): ssoosay

That had to be done since Google+, through its hangouts, had added the service. Now Microsoft, always fighting, will integrate the service. Facebook became lame. For how long?

Strategy is clear now: offer one more service to retain users, one of the keys in Google and Facebook’s business and what Microsoft seeks through Bing. This is a slide effect to eLearning, because it standardizes even more one tool: the videoconference, which is essential for us. Just as it is Google maps or Gmail, hangouts are already part of an incredible and “free” service that reach the loyalty of millions of people.

As slide benefit, the videoconference software, has gain a big boost and it seems to  become a standard. ELearning wins with its face to face side, because this tool is essential to give this service. We therefore, are pleased with it and we celebrate from our small corner of the world. With this type of services we will be able to achieve our first aim: blanet is a real classroom.


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